Courses Overview

We offer courses for people who care about making parts of the world work.  We specialize in empowering people who have a large vision for the world, but who occasionally see themselves as small.  The focus of our courses is the entrenched nature of institutions.
If you are interested in participating in any of these courses, check the Open Courses to see when your course is offered.
These are our course sequences, with arrows indicating relationships:

The Institutions sequence consists of Institutions and Me, Navigating Institutions, and Winning with Institutions.  The Institutions and Me course is our entry-level course.  It has no prerequisites.  Each course consists of 5 sessions of 90 minutes each, delivered as a conversation using Zoom.  To do Navigating Institutions, you must have completed Institutions and Me, and similarly for Winning with Institutions.

The goal of the Institutions sequence is to open your eyes to a strategic focus that is a perfect fit for you and your life.  We promise that out of these courses, you will have new-found power in seeing and recognizing the nature of entrenched institutions, and a new sense of peace and power and belonging with respect to your role in the world.

The Action Sequence consists of the What Are You Really Up To? course, which we offer only occasionally, and the Making It Happen course which we offer only very rarely and only by invitation.

To do the What Are You Really Up To course, you must have finished the Institutions sequence.  We don’t offer it often.  This course is a call to action – your actions – in an area you care about.  This course is a wonderful counterpart to the courses in the Institutions sequence, which often leaves people with ideas that they want to put into practice.  The course provides a structure for you to do an in-depth investigation of “what are you up to” and to get to work.  Do not expect much information to be delivered – you will be the source of any answers.  This is a demanding course, in which you are expected to examine, using a set of questions, your relationships with the people you are working with (or will be working with) in your focus area.  In the sessions, you will be sharing your results with the other participants.

It’s been a number of years since we’ve offered the Making It Happen course, for which you must be invited by the course leader, usually after finishing the What Are You Really Up To course.  It is a demanding course that intends to set you up for life-long work in the area you really care about.

Participation: the Parts we Play is for anybody who has completed a course with either Carey Battle or Bert Speelpenning at any point in the past.  The course consists of 6 sessions, 0f 90 minutes each.  In the course you get to look at automatic behaviors (yours and others’) and how they get triggered.  We promise that you’ll have a new-found freedom and purposefulness in your interactions in life.

Drama: Distraction or Destiny is for people who have completed Participation: the Parts we Play.  It continues to look at the automatic behaviors that trigger you and others.  It focuses on the emotions triggered by the interactions of the parts being played.

Currents: Shallow and Deep is for people who have completed Drama: Distraction or Destiny.  In this course, you will look for the currents the institutions don’t want you to see – without turning into conspiracy-theory people!