Open Courses

The following courses are open for registration:

Institutions and Me / Navigating Institutions / Winning with Institutions

We are pleased to offer this sequence of courses to people who are interested in changing this world for the better and who may have gotten frustrated or discouraged with the power that certain institutions have in the world. People taking our courses are usually interested in making change happen, and want to get better at the thing they do or want to to do. And we get there, but by an unusual path and from an unusual perspective.

In this course, we focus on how institutions work and how they hold on to their power. You get to see how this affect you, your life, and your intentions. The first course in this series is called Institutions and Me, and it starts Feb 5, 2023.

These are impactful courses. We meet on Zoom. Each session is 90 minutes. We don’t charge money for this course, but it takes a commitment in terms of your time and attention. In this course we deal with material that touches us in unexpectedly deep ways. You can expect to deal with, and have an opportunity to move past, issues of isolation and powerlessness.

You can register in Institutions and Me if all five dates work for you. We expect you to be on all five sessions. If you are interested, contact us at You should also check the dates on the other two courses, because you will want to take those too. You need to have done the entirety of Institutions and Me before you can do Navigating Institutions, and both come before Winning with Institutuions. But if you do Institutions and Me now, and you want to wait till the next time we offer Navigating Institutions, you can do that too: we have been offering these courses once or twice per year, and we intend to continue to do so.