Earth Rise: the Overview Effect

At the end of 2018, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first journey around the moon by Apollo 8.  The astronauts took an unplanned picture of earth that has since become iconic, called Earth Rise.  Here is the picture:

There is a great write-up at  Carl Sagan referred to this picture when he famously described the earth as “a pale blue dot”.  The article mentions the Overview Efffect, which is the shift that often happens to people when they see the picture.  It is a shift in perspective that has a deep effect on how they experience their life and their situation.  The article uses the words “awe” and “fragility”.  In our courses we aim for a related shift in perspective -also from zooming out from the particulars of your life and your situation – for  which the words “resilience” and “belonging” are more fitting.

1 thought on “Earth Rise: the Overview Effect

  1. Bert, these courses I’ve taken with you have been quite useful for me. I would agree that in general, I has a stronger sense of belonging, to the point where I don’t find myself placing great importance on fitting. As a result, I experience blazing portions of my own trail and expose sections of other trails, blazed by others, that I’ve never been on. Come to think of it, I think this course has helped me to be more resilient, especially when moving against norms.


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